What is Vectr?

Vectr is a knowledge sharing application that can assist with homework, engineering projects, biomedical research, technology startups, or simply by getting another opinion. 


Private Q&A
Ask questions to the entire Vectr community or to an organization network.
Vectr A.I. matches each question to the most proven experts. 
Explore knowing that all of your questions and answers remain private and secure.


Why Vectr?

Vectr is a step forward in achieving true and uniform "access to information" for all - real time knowledge sharing across the globe.  With Vectr, our users facilitate change through enabling social, political, and economic mobility.  

Vectr is designed to empower. It is simple, anonymous, and ephemeral, removing all barriers around asking and answering questions.  The Vectr technology strengthens human interactions, rather than replace them.

We invite you to join our open intellectual network for free as an individual, or lead a Vectr Network in your own organization.




Start Today!

Signing up takes less than 30 seconds. Create an account, add expertise categories to your profile, and begin asking questions. As a member of our open network you will also have the opportunity to answer questions and help others by sharing your knowledge.  




Have any questions?  You can email us, see the FAQs, or submit a support request.